Soraski Capsules

Soraski Capsules

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  • Psoriasis is a great problem for the people who suffer from this disease.
  • Soraski is effective for Psoriasis and other skin diseases.
  • SORASKI Capsule reduces the patches of Psoriasis, stops inching & reduces inflammation. It is also better for boils, skin corruption, elzema, Pimples & other chronic skin diseases.
  • It is useful in all type of Psoriasis and Crackfoots, Palms etc.
  • Better results in short period.
  • Dose--1 to 2 capsules two or three times a days after breakfast or meals or as directed by the physician.
  • pack-30 capsules.          
  • Cost-Rs. 150/-
  • Courier charges extra.