Shrikanth vati

Shrikanth vati

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Shrikanth Vati:

Small chewable pills –Shrikanth Vati is good mouth freshener.

Tiny pills gives you freshness in your mouth, keeps away bad breath.

It is helpful in coughing, smoker’s cough and Asthmatic cough.

Shrikanth vati soothes the throat, improves the voice quality when it is swollen & hoarse.

Shrikanthvati reduces coughing; phlegm comes out easily, clears the throat and gives fast relief.

2 pills of Shrikanthvati put in the mouth after lunch and dinner, will gives you freshness and improve digestion also.

 pack- 3 gm.          Cost-Rs.45/- 

 pack-10 gm.        Cost-Rs. 135/-

Courier charges extra.