Nosi Tablet

Nosi Tablet

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Sinocold is purely herbal product for the control of sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, cold, catarrh, headache nasal congestion. Clears the congestion of Nose and heaviness of head.

Sinocold Tablet is purely herbal and safe for long term use. It clears the congestion and relieves headache, stops nasal cataru.

Sino cold is better solution for people suffering from Cold,Cough,Sinusttis,Running nose and nasal congestion.

Those who are suffering from chronic sinusitis and allergic cold, they should continue the Sino Cold tab for long time to get better result and recurrence.

Sinocold is herbal combination of Sitopaladi, pipplimool, Yastimadhu and other herbs.

Sinocold tablet is safe doesn’t have any side effects, drowsiness or itching.